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Sin Kar Yu Jody


Mediation Activities

Jody has been dedicated to educating and promoting the use of mediation to general members of the public.  Since 2003, Jody has been a Council Member of Hong Kong Mediation Council, a non-government organization commissioned to promote mediation in Hong Kong under the Hong Kong International Arbitration Centre.  She has been the Vice-Chairperson of HKMC since 2006 and since 2009, she has been the Chairperson of the General Mediation Interest Group where Jody works closely with a group of professional mediators and delivers seminars and workshops to educate different sectors of the public on mediation.  This includes professionals in medical practice, chartered secretaries, financial planners, employment and property management.

Further, Jody sits on the Mediator Accreditation Committee of the Hong Kong Law Society (HKLS) which accredits mediator training courses and approves application of members of the Hong Kong Law Society (HKLS) to be admitted under the HKLS panel.  She also actively participates in the Mediation Committee where issues and policies on mediation affecting the legal profession are considered and discussed.

In 2008, Jody was appointed a member of the Regulatory Framework Sub-Group of Secretary for Justice's Working Group on Mediation where issues relating to the proposed Mediation Ordinance in Hong Kong were discussed.  She is also an active member of the PE&P Group of Mediation Task Force under the Secretary for Justice which is a group dedicated to devise strategies and structured plans for wider promotion of mediation in Hong Kong.

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