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Sin Kar Yu Jody

Jody Sin Jody steered into a new path of career after representing clients in civil litigations for more than a decade. As a litigation lawyer, Jody has represented major local and international corporations, listed companies in a wide variety of disputes including commercial litigation, building management disputes, property-related litigation, arbitration, insurance, personal injury and health and safety litigation.

Since 2001, Jody has become an accredited mediator under Hong Kong International Arbitration Centre. She has successfully and amicably mediated a broad range of cases including commercial and contractual disputes, personal injury and employees' compensation claims, employment matters, building management disputes as well as shareholders and probate disputes.

Currently, she is also an accredited mediator under the Hong Kong Law Society General Panel, and an Adjunct Lecturer with the University of Hong Kong, School for Professional and Continuing Education ("HKU SPACE"). In addition, Jody has been actively involved in teaching and coaching numerous accredited mediator courses organized by the University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong Law Society, and City University of Hong Kong. She has been appointed as an Adjunct Lecturer of HKU SPACE where she has been teaching the Chinese accredited mediator course "Mediation Practice".

Jody has a genuine passion and interest for mediation. She approaches each mediation with abundant preparation, utmost professionalism and strives for the most satisfying outcome for the parties. She believes that each dispute is unique, having its own obstacles in terms of people, process and substance. It is only when there is effective strategy and preparation combined with perseverance and patience that a strong foundation could be built for the resolution of disputes.  

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